Tuesday, 24 March 2015

1953 to 1959.

For this post I'm just using a few photographs from the 50's with a little explanatory text.
Me and my sister Kathleen by the pier in 1953.

This little angel is me in 1953 aged 6.

Me in the garden of our new council house in 1954.

What a prat!  Me again, now in 1955.  Look at the short
trousers and the tank top! 

Kathleen in 1958 posing on my bike.

Me in 1958 diving into the Cleethorpes outdoor Swimming Pool.  As mentioned in an
earlier blog post it was the largest outdoor swimming pool in England.

Me & my mate Johnny Davis, again in 1958 and again at the Swimming pool.

Between 1958 and about 1963 we spent every day of our summer holidays at the swimming pool.  We bought season tickets on the day it opened for the summer season and prided ourselves on not missing a single day until it closed at the end of September.  Some days were really cold but we still went swimming!
Me with my hamster "Sammy" in 1958.

Kathleen with Sammy on her head, 1958.

Posing on my bike in 1958.

Me and my friend Carl Burgess, plus Sammy emerging
from my trouser pocket.

Carl was the one of 3 brothers, he was the youngest.  Next was Kieth, a couple of years older and then the eldest brother Dereck, who was four years older.  Over the years we lost touch so I was pleasantly surprised to meet up again with Dereck 4 years ago.  he is the water bailiff at the club lake I fish at!

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